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Our Supported Living program is a community-based service that empowers people with developmental disabilities to create and live their own lives in the community. In the Supported Living program, the people we support have power, choices, and the supports they need to pursue an active, productive, and enriched life.


Supported living is a community based program in which people with developmental disabilities receive daily living supports in their own homes 24-hours a day. As leaders in this field, we provide a wide range of services and supports to people with developmental disabilities.


We maintain safety and health as our first priority. We assist people in maintaining regular medical, dental, optical, and mental health appointments as needed. We provide visiting nursing services and nurse delegation of specific medical tasks as needed. For those we support who have behavioral needs, we have a Positive Behavior Support Specialist who provides training and guidance to staff and individuals supported.


Financial services are available to help those we support manage their money to ensure that basic needs are met, as well as helping them to save money to explore new interests, purchase desired items, or travel.. We assist people in connecting with their community as they wish.


We encourage those we support to try new activities, meet new people, and be involved in their community as much as possible. Transportation to all services is provided using company vehicles, local transit systems, medical courtesy shuttles where available, and in some situations staff’s personal vehicles.

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