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Much like our Supported Living program, the Community Protection (CP) program is a community-based service that empowers people with developmental disabilities to create and live their own lives in the community.


The community protection program adds a specialized layer of support for individuals with developmental disabilities who may struggle with more challenging behaviors that present a risk to themselves or others in the community.


Community Protection seeks to provide all of the services mentioned above in the Supported Living program, adding in 24 hours of staff supervision, coaching and support. We partner with therapists, treatment providers, case managers, state officials and family to provide a customized supported living experience that provides community access and integration safely and progressively.


Each client participates with a treatment team in the development of their own support and behavioral plans which outline their care, behaviors, goals and supervision.


Community Protection staff receive added training and supports to provide a well-balanced and comprehensive residential program catered specially towards their client's needs.

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