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Our goal is first and foremost to meet the needs of the clients; however it is imperative that clinicians work collaboratively with leadership and direct care staff to provide evidenced-based assessment, treatment and training that is individualized and person-centered.  


In all locations we have at least one clinician with a specialty in behavior analysis or mental health issues. This clinician is available to provide on-sight behavior support and training; however, one of  our guiding principles is to remain committed to all clients and assist other team members at any location as needed. 


One of our guiding principles is to model the highest standards in the field; therefore we review all records, perform assessments, and interview clients or their caregivers to create individualized plans. We value the uniqueness of each person we serve which is evident in the diversity within our team. 


We strive to have representation that reflects the needs of our clients; we range from newly graduated students to members who are pursuing a second career to members who have been licensed over 15 years. This wide range of experience and education serves to benefit the clients we support in our residential programs.    


Our purpose is to offer therapeutic supports to clients with complex presentations and assist in developing early intervention supports. If limiting access to items is needed (which limits Independence), we thoroughly review all options prior to creating any denial of rights.  


We review teaching strategies and data to fade out any limitations to the client's independence. Each clinical member is responsible for following statues related to client care since each team member is registered with the Department of Health in Washington (as either an Agency Affiliated Counselor or other license pursuits).  


Each clinical member has a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, Psychology, or related field. Most clinicians are either Master's level or in Doctoral Programs. Many members of the clinical team are pursuing licenses, such as BCBA or one of the available mental health licenses in Washington (LMHC, LMFT, LCSW, etc.). 


We strive for excellence and view clinical consultation with peers as an asset to our professional growth. We remain within our scope of practice and utilize those members within our team that have the requisite skills to meet the needs of our clients.


We consult with clinical members within our organization regardless of the state or service line for the benefit of our clients. In Washington, the Clinical Team is led by the Assistant Clinical Director, who is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, who works collaboratively with the Chief Clinical Officer of Residential Services.  


We remain committed to ongoing learning and cross-sharing to ensure that our clients receive the best services possible.

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