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22 years of Service

November 18, 2020  BY AACRES WASHINGTON

MEET KEN, CELEBRATING 22 Years of Service!

Hello, my name is Ken and I have worked for Aacres for 22 years. I love my job because it is very challenging yet very rewarding at the same time. Seeing the people we work with grow and learn to become more independent is the reason I have stayed so long. I think that someone who gives this job a try, might find it very rewarding as well.


Ken has been live-in staff for Aacres for many years. His dedication to serve the people he works with is unsurpassed and he has a special bond with the individual that he supports. They have worked very closely over many years to ensure his client has the highest quality of life. Ken always thinks of new ideas and fun things for his individual to do, such as new crafts, gardening, camping and fishing. Ken is a huge advocate for his clients and puts their health and safety first in all situations.


The home that Ken lives in with the individual is a five star home and personalized to the individuals needs. Ken takes great pride in the growth and development of the people that he works with and sets a great example for all clients and staff. He exemplifies the core values of Aacres direct care. 

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