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Larry's Story

October 28th, 2020  BY AACRES WASHINGTON

connection through communication

Being non-verbal and having a history of being misunderstood, we knew that Larry was going to require extraordinary supports. We also knew that he would need time, patience, and someone with a deeper understanding and connection beyond communication. We said yes- we would be the ones to advocate for Larry, and we would be the ones to have understanding for Larry.

Larry relies heavily on body language, expression, and an animated personality to best support him, as well as having his own vernaculars in which he expresses himself.


The individual Larry is today does not reflect who Larry was just a few short years ago. He has had personal growth and made great strides in accomplishing tasks, activities, and goals which have improved his overall quality of life and happiness.


In a snapshot, to know Larry is to know:

     - He loves Elvis (instant smile)

     - He loves Coca-Cola (he would drink it all day!)

     - He is a fisherman extraordinaire

     - He waits all year for Santa, and will leave his tree up all year

     - We honor the "No"


When we talk about Larry, our hearts warm with knowing and remembering stories like his. We remember the reasons we continue doing what we do, in a world that often times have forgotten and given up on the "Larry's".


Here at Aacres Vancouver, we have committed to not being a part of that kind of world, and will continue showing up and being present for not only Larry...but for ALL the "Larry's"


This is our passion and our commitment.

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