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Read bout William from Aacres


Meet William from Aacres Vancouver

 William has been supported by Aacres since 2008. He has had a difficult past but you would never know it if you met him today! He has a friendly, bubbly personality and a contagious smile. At home, he is helpful to his staff, takes care of his home and yard, and watches his two favorite movies, Ghostbusters and Twister. He has also developed close relationships with his neighbors and will bring them their mail or tell them when their favorite show is airing on TV.

William loves being in his community and meeting new people. He goes to the community dances and is a very social person. Around every holiday, he goes to $1 store to purchase gifts for people that are important in his life. He also loves to receive letters and often carries a spiral notebook and asks people to write him a letter. He knows many recruitment officers in the area and appreciates those that are serving or have served in the military.

He is athletic and participates in Special Olympics bowling, baseball, and basketball every year. Overall, William has shown tremendous growth since being with Aacres. He has developed close relationships with friends and with his community. William is a great example of the growth in skills and relationship building that Supported Living can provide. 

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